Week 32

How far along: 32 weeks

How big is baby: the ever trendy length of kale. Also, in the words of my doctor, I’m “Super Pregnant” because the kid is now measuring back on track. 6 weeks of growth in 3 weeks isn’t necessarily a super power I want to keep using though…

Best moment of the week: Super productive Saturday. 

Food cravings: All things sweet. After waking up with a migraine following a day of terrible eating (it’s not eating ice cream TWICE if one time it was technically frozen yogurt…), we decided to cut out the treats. If I’m hungry enough to eat, I’m hungry enough to eat something with nutritional value. 

Symptoms: Sleep is a bit of an issue. Heartburn seems to be on and off. Other than a massive migraine on Sunday, a pretty good week.

Gender: Girl. Yup, every 8 weeks I change my mind.

What I’m looking forward to: Getting the nursery set up. As you can see, my mom was in and painted for us (I let Scott paint pictures, not walls. He lets me paint walls, but not use a ladder. We needed to bring in outside help for this one), so that’s one giant step accomplished… thanks Mom 🙂

What I miss: Using ladders? No. I have no regrets about not being the one to paint that room. I miss some of my pretty shoes that I’ve decided just to not let myself wear.

Husband perspective: I have nothing new to say (as he frantically tries to play through all his 3DS games in the remaining 8-10 weeks)


Week 32

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