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Three Months

Age: 3 months
Weight: est. 12 pounds (Scott won’t let me put her in the produce scales at Co-Op)
Height: est. 23.5″
Nicknames: Punkin’head, Buggy, Schmunkey, Munka, Pretty Princess, Princess Penelope
Sleep: in retrospect, really well until 12 weeks, sleeping 98% of the time in the crib. Then the sleep regression hit and now we sleep where ever we can.
Clothes: 0-3, with some 3-6 thrown in when they’re cute, like today’s shirt (she outgrew her Christmas dress before Christmas. Sigh)
Loves: any toy with music, most importantly my old mobile, sitting (assisted), any screen (even when turned off) and the pretty girl in the mirror.
Dislikes: sleeping, not sitting, when Mama cries, rolling on hardwood.
Memories: meeting her younger cousin, getting shots (and sleeping on mama all day), Christmas shopping, “Chrisgiving”, setting up the tree, meeting Santa, going to a petting zoo, going to the Forks

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Two months

Age: Two months
Weight: 9 lb 12 oz (@ 2months + 2 days)
Height: 22.8″ (@ 2months + 2 days)
Nicknames: Monkey, Miss C, the Kid, Pumpkin
Sleep: Decided at 5 1/2 weeks that naps are the bomb-diggity. Decided at 6 weeks they were over rated and that sleeping through the night was where it was at. At seven weeks decided sleep in general was a waste, why not just cling to momma. Decided at 8 weeks to change it up every day just to keep me on my toes.
Clothes: 0-3 months in length, still newborn in waist
Loves: Minky, Boo-Boo and Cuddles, the three creatures on her bouncy chair, staring at Daddy, naked time, bath time, airplane
Dislikes: bedtime, regular soothers (she’ll tolerate her Soothie)
Memories: visiting mommy’s office, being a Monkey for Halloween, helping Nana and Grandpa move, rolling over (front to back Nov 11), going to her cousin’s 4th birthday party

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One Month

Age: One month
Weight: 7 lb 9 oz (as of last Thursday)
Height: 20.5” (as of Thursday)
Nicknames: Monkey, Miss C
Sleep: Hates sleep anywhere but in the car seat, or with Mommy
Clothes: Starting to stretch out the newborn, but still too skinny for 0-3 months
Loves: Walks, if by “loves” we actually means “stops crying like a banshee”
Dislikes: Sleeping anywhere she’s supposed to
Memories: the epic fail that was the attempt to do Charlie’s hand and foot prints, afternoon couch snuggles

One Month Feet

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Charlie, our little girl, is now 11 days old.

Those 11 days have been long, and followed 25 hours of labour (at least in my books). Half an hour ago, as she voraciously fed, again, for the second time that hour, I would have told you they have been a hard 11 days. But now, as she lays sleeping beside me, they are the most magical 11 days. Yes, life really does change that quickly here. Or rather, perspective does.

And that’s the most important lesson I’ve learned. With a rough labour, a painful delivery, and a complicated recovery, I could easily spend my days wallowing in self-pity. But wallowing won’t change what has happened. Instead, I’ve learned that if I wait 10 minutes, something else WILL change, and that will give me a new way to look at my new world.

Charlie & Scott

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