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Lacing up my runners

One of the last pieces of advice my mother gave me before I had Charlie was “it took 9 months to create this life, so give yourself nine months to get your body back.

I don’t know about you but nine months is a really long time.

Last Friday I had my six week check up. Because I had some nasty tearing, I had been advised to limit my physical activity until this appointment. So I kept to the light walking I was permitted and tried to eat well (which is infinitely harder when your child is still physically attached to you for most of the day for sustenance).

At my 6 week appointment, I was only 9 pounds off my starting weight. I considered it a victory. And a challenge. Nine months? Maybe more like 9 weeks!!

I’m aware that 9 weeks is unreasonably short, but it felt like my goal weight was within reach. Next up would be goal consistency. I had to give up running at 30 weeks and since my gym membership was driven by my love of the treadmill, the only consistent physical activity I had after that point was yoga. At least my atrophied muscles are well stretched?

But with my doctor’s blessing, I was now free to run! The next day, I laced up my runners and reviewed my 5k route. And walked it. Let’s face it. As excited as I am to see how quickly I can bounce back, I’m not willing to let an injury slow down my progress. Plus with a first 5k start time of 46:49, I can only get better!

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