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Illogical details about the four month sleep regression

1. It commonly happens at 3 months. Or 5 months. Or it doesn’t exist.
2. It will last days. Or weeks. Or months
3. Your child’s sleep habits will return to normal. Or change completely.
4. You should rely on any trick you can to get the child to sleep. But don’t do any tricks because they could be habit forming.
5. It’s a physical growth spurt. It’s a mental growth spurt. It’s entirely unrelated to growth spurts.
6. It’s caused by the baby beginning their sleep in deep sleep. It’s caused by the baby no longer beginning their sleep in deep sleep.
7. It’s completely the parents’ fault. It’s not the parents’ fault.
8. It’s the perfect time to sleep train except that sleep training doesn’t work during this time.

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